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Our Rug Cleaning Service in Coral Gables, FL

Tulip Carpet Cleaning Coral Gables provides one of the safest and the most efficient rug cleaning solutions. We are a team of certified professionals who engage in spotless cleaning practices, making the rugs retain their quality and longevity.

Our area rug cleaning service is unconventional with all the high-end technology we use to clean your rugs. We use toxic-free solutions that are safe and help eliminate bacteria right away. Our standout cleaners are trustworthy, practical, and committed to their work.

What Is Our Best Way To Clean A Rug?

Many local cleaners may use harsh chemicals and products to clean your rugs. While this may help enhance the shine on your rugs in the short term, harsh chemicals can degrade the quality of the rugs over time. If you want your rugs to serve you for longer, it's significant to draw attention to the right processes. Are you looking for a thorough, green rug cleaning in Coral Gables, Florida? We are happy to help!

We use the best rug cleansers to do the job. Our team of certified professionals focuses on gentle cleaning solutions and appropriate cleaning methods. But before that, we take the time needed to analyze the treatment your rug requires. We provide all the necessary cleaning according to that.

Oriental and Area Rug Cleaning Treatment
Oriental and Area Rug Cleaning Treatment
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Effective Rug Cleaning Technology

At Tulip Carpet Cleaning Coral Gables, we focus on providing a range of professional rug cleaning solutions. All our methods are offered according to the requirements of your rugs. This enables you to keep your home and office rugs fresh, brand-new looking and germ-free.

Basic Area Rug Cleaning

Our basic cleaning is for those rugs that are cleaned on a regular basis and doesn't require heavy-duty cleaning. This may not include any high-end technology as the rugs require basic cleaning. So, we use traditional tools to cleanse the rugs and eliminate any bacteria from there. In this process, we also remove any spots and stains sticking to the rug. So, when the job is done, the foul smell will be gone, and you can enjoy a beautiful-looking rug all over again.

Steam Rug Cleaning

We also offer exceptional steam rug cleaning services. The hot water extraction process is used here to clean the rugs gently. Our certified and licensed team of experts clean the rugs carefully to remove all types of blotchy stains and spills. It also prevents germ, bacteria, and fungal growth to a great extent. Steam cleaning is highly eco-friendly, and it can bring many added benefits to the indoor environment.

Deep Rug Cleaning

We utilize deep cleaning method for notorious stains and spills that are hard to get to. Once the process is over, you get a clean, fresh smelling rug. Deep cleaning helps in eradicating allergies and constant sneezing and coughing due to mold growth, allergens, and other germs being hosted on your rugs. The method is highly effective in the long run.

Benefits Of Deep Cleaning Rugs:

  • Brand-new looking rugs in a single clean.
  • Eliminates debris, dust, stains and spills.
  • Removes germs and bacteria exponentially.
  • Helps retain rug quality and improve its longevity.
  • Provides thorough cleaning to your delicate rugs.

What Rug Fabrics Do We Clean?

Every rug fabric requires a different type of cleaning. At Tulip Carpet Cleaning Coral Gables, we offer professional rug cleaning according to the fabric type the rug is made from. This allows us to offer a tailored approach for your rugs that maintains their quality, durability, and appearance altogether. We clean cotton, wool, polyester, other synthetic and natural fabrics as well as oriental rugs, Persian rugs, area rugs with and without fringing, etc. Whatever rug you have, we'll cover this need.

Why Are We Your Ultimate Destination For Spotless Rug Cleaning?

We care about our clients and offer:

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