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Professional Mold Testing Services in Coral Gables, FL

Professional mold testing entails visual inspection of a property for mold growth, including air sampling, moisture mapping, and surface sampling. Our experts will also inspect your air conditioning for possible mold presence if required. Only a certified mold specialist will visit your property once you schedule an appointment with us.

When Is Mold Testing Required?

Maybe you're wondering whether you should call Tulip Carpet Cleaning Coral Gables to book a mold testing appointment. Perhaps you are wondering if mold testing is necessary at the moment.

You need our mold testing services when:

  • You suspect mold presence in your building.
  • You want to buy or sell a building.
  • You've noticed symptoms of mold exposure among the property occupants.
  • Your property has suffered water damage recently.
  • Your home has been unoccupied for months or even years.
  • You can see blue, green, white, or black mold growing on your property.

Any of these cases necessitates calling our professionals at 305-433-7118 to set up a mold testing appointment.

Mold Inspection and Mold Testing Services
Mold Inspection and Mold Testing Services
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Professional Mold Testing Process

Upon arriving at your property, our mold testing inspector will test surfaces and the air in your property to determine whether it has mold.

Here's what our mold testing process entails:

  1. First our team will check for signs of water damage and mold so that we know the best places to test for accurate and reliable results.
  2. Our experts will collect air samples to test the air for mold spores.
  3. They will perform surface sampling, including taking tape and swap samples from different surfaces.
  4. Our mold specialists will also take a control sample from the outdoors.
  5. Also, we checkup porous and hard surfaces for mold presence in carpets, walls, and ceiling.
  6. After collecting the samples, we take them to an independent laboratory for examination and analysis.
  7. Once the lab results are compiled, we will share them with you and recommend the best mold remediation measures.

Dependable Mold Testing Services in Your Area

Tulip Carpet Cleaning Coral Gables provides the most reliable mold detection services near you. Our services cater to the mold identification needs of residential and commercial property owners. Whether you want us to test for mold in your apartment, home, or townhouse, we have qualified experts ready to do it. We have greatly increased our flexibility and availability by partnering with O2 Mold Testing - a professional mold testing company in Miami. They are fully certified, licensed, and insured for your peace of mind.

Our crew will test different parts of your building, including living areas, attic, and garage. We can also inspect various areas of your business premises for mold. Remember that mold might not be visible in your building but still thrive in dark corners. Luckily, our air testing will detect mold spores' presence on your property. What's more, we will provide results from an independent, certified laboratory.

How Mold Inspection Differs from Mold Testing

Mold inspection identifies mold presence in a building. By checking for signs of mold or past leaks, a mold inspector can identify mold in your property and the extent of the problem.

Mold testing identifies the specific mold type and its amount in the air. Ideally, our experts will evaluate air quality in your property during a mold testing appointment.

Keep Black Mold Out to Preserve Your Indoor Air Quality

Perhaps, you decided to search for a black mold remediation service near you after suspecting the presence of toxic black mold in your home. Exposure to black mold spores can cause health issues, like heart disease and respiratory disease.

Whether the exposure lasts a week, a day, or a month, black mold pollutes indoor air quality while exposing the building's occupants to health risks. That's why black mold tests are vital as soon as property owners suspect this harmful fungus is present. Our mold specialists at Tulip Carpet Cleaning Coral Gables are on standby to visit, inspect, and test your property for mold infestation.

Schedule Your Mold Testing Appointment with the Pros

Maybe you found this page after searching for the phrase "mold testing near me" because you suspect that this hazardous fungus has infested your building. In that case, waste no more of your valuable time. Instead, contact us at 305-433-7118 to set up your mold testing appointment with the best pros in Coral Gables, Florida!

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